Beekeeping course

It was a great start to our beekeeping course today! Many thanks to Brett Nolan for coming all the way here from Georgia in the USA with his family to show us how it’s all done!

The goal is to equip individuals and foundations with a source of nutrition and income. People from the local children’s homes and other disadvantaged people to whom we minister will be attending. Those who complete the course will receive bees, bee hives, and the equipment needed to begin using their new skill to create income.

Give a man some honey or teach a man to keep bees…

We need to raise at least $1500 to cover the cost of interpretation and supplies for the disadvantaged students. This training opportunity is specifically for those who would not normally be able to afford or attend a course like this. With a few other YWAM staff, we will be students in the course as well, for the purpose of continued discipleship and follow-up with those who complete the course–not to mention that we have been wanting to learn this skill ourselves!

Even if you give little or feel it is little, the gifts add up!
By FAITH, we need your help to get these people going!     

*Any donations received above what we need for this training event will be reserved and used for other events or projects of like kind. Essentially, there is no such thing as too much.