10 reasons to do a DTS at YWAM Grimerud

1. Community

You will find lifetime best friends. DTS is seriously the best place to connect deeply with great people.

2. Snow

If you love snow, skiing and cold weather, we have lots of it starting from October to April. You’ll need wool underwear though and good pair of winter boots!

3. Leadership

Our leadership team is awesome. We are so blessed as a base with experienced leaders who walk in passion and wisdom!

4. Travel

You will get to travel around Norway and then others parts of the world for your outreach phase. Our base has outreach focuses in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

5. Study

We value the Word of God and its impact in our lives. All of our DTS schools spend time learning how to study, understand and apply the truth of the Bible.

6. International

We are a multi-cultural and multi-generational community at YWAM Grimerud. Which means everyone from everywhere is welcome here. We love diversity of age and cultures.

7. Farm 

Our entire base is located on a fully-operational farm. Our missionary farmer, Nils Andreas runs the farm operations. He is a second-generation YWAMer and part of the core leadership team.

8. The Bird and Baby Cafe

Order some of the best coffee in Hedmark from our very own cafe, run and operated by YWAM Grimerud staff. The cafe is located in our main building on the first floor and is the favorite spot for community hangouts and lots of events.

9. Food 

If you love bread, butter and cheese. This is the place for you! Here in Norway we have lots of tasty breads and cheeses.

10. Opportunities. 

Our base is over 4o years old with well established ministries that focus on family, youth, prayer, worship, publishing and missions. We also are the lead base for the nine YWAM bases throughout Norway, with dozens of close connections to bases throughout Europe that we have helped pioneer.


Interested in coming and doing a DTS here at YWAM Grimerud? We would love to talk with you about this exciting opportunity!

Visit www.grimerud.no

I am a Missionary

God said, I need someone who would say yes before they were asked… someone who would go to distant islands, barren deserts, inner cities, closed nations, next door neighbors, and prestigious universities to reach the unreached. Who would hike any mountain, and endure any obstacle, because how will they believe in Him who they have not never heard? How will they hear unless someone preaches, and how will they preach unless they are sent?

So God made the missionary.

Meet our daughter, Monica!

Monica was born November 1, at 18:20 pm. He weighed 7.9lbs/3.6kg and is 19.6inc/50cm. Alina was admitted at the hospital at 18:00 pm and Monica arrived 20 min later. We thank the Lord for a natural and healthy birth.

Meet our youngest son, Robert!

Robert was born Wednesday, August 31, at 17:15pm. He weighed 7.7lbs/3.5kg and is 19.6inc/50cm.  Alina was admitted at the hospital at 9:00am and Robert arrived at 17:15pm. We thank the Lord for a natural and healthy birth, and for Andrew and David adjusting well to having a brother.

YWAM Constanta 15th Anniversary

On the 28th of March, 2015, we celebrated what God had done in Constanța through YWAM Constanța in the past 15 years and we also celebrated the great future that is to come. On the same day, we also honored our former baseleader, Rune and Irene Sæther, who had served YWAM Constanța the last 10 years. They are stepping down their leadership role and become the elder of our YWAM Constanța family. Click here for more action of the day!


Celebrating Children Workshop

CCW 2015Returning in March, a team from Loom International flew from Portland, USA to Constanța to teach the second half of the excellent „Celebrating Children Workshop” (CCW).  Also returning, although none from so far afield, were most of the participants from the previous course, along with some new eager faces. Youth workers, caregivers and parents all came together to build upon the solid foundation of God’s love for us, and learn new skills to do the same for the children in our care, especially those at risk. Continue reading →

Meet our youngest son, David!

David was born Friday, December 27th, at 10:30pm. He weighed 7.1lbs/3.2kg and is 20.5inc/52cm.  Alina was admitted at the hospital at 7:00pm and David arrived at 10:30pm. We thank the Lord for a natural and healthy birth, and for Andrew adjusting well to having a brother. He likes to hold David’s hand and to play with his feet 🙂